Menorca Weather

Weather in Menorca & Weather in Santo Tomas

Below you can find the Menorca weather and also the weather in Santo Tomas. As you can imagine it peaks during the July and August, with regards general temperature. The rainy season generally peaks around October and November.

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At the bottom of this page you can find a live feed of the weather in Menorca.

Menorca weather Menorca weather

The Menorca weather is similar to the majority of the Mediterranean countries. In particular the other Balearic Islands, Majorca and Ibiza.

weather in santo tomas

The weather in Menorca during the peak summer months can reach anywhere between 25-34°C. Whereas in the winter the temperature in Menorca can drop to as low as 8-12°C.

You can stay up to date with the weather in Santo Tomas below. We have average temperatures listed and also a live up to date chart below. The weather in the resort of Santo Tomas will be the same as the generic island information given the relatively small size of the island.

Menorca Weather – Monthly Average Temperature

  • January – 13°C: One of the coldest months in Menorca
  • February – 13°C: One of the coldest months in Menorca
  • March – 16°C: The temperature is warming up but still cold
  • April – 18°C: Temperatures continue to rise, but still relatively rainy
  • May – 22°C: Temperatures continue to rise as Summer draws closer
  • June – 26°C: Expect low rainfall and the heat to rise
  • July – 29°C: The lowest rainfall in June and expect high temperatures
  • August – 30°C: Typically the hottest month of the year in Menorca
  • September – 26°C: Still very hot, but expect higher rainfall
  • October – 23°C: The temperatures start to drop and rainfall increasing still
  • November – 18°CTemperatures are starting to get to there lowest points
  • December – 15°C: One of the coldest months in Menorca

Menorca Weather – Monthly Average Rainfall (mm)

  • January – 50 mm: One of the coldest months in Menorca and expect rain
  • February – 49 mm: Similar to Januar, one of the coldest months in Menorca and expect rain
  • March – 32 mm: Still relatively cold, but rainfall is typically lower the Winter months
  • April – 47 mm: Temperatures start to warm up but expect a few rainy days
  • May – 34 mm: Summer is drawing closer and rainfall starts to fall
  • June – 18 mm: expect plenty of hot days and flashes of heavy rainfall
  • July – 8 mmLowest month for rainfall in Menorca
  • August – 19 mm: Similar to June, expect plenty of hot days and flashes of heavy rainfall
  • September – 63 mm: Still high temperatures, but a lot more rainfall than the peak of Summer
  • October – 86 mm: Colder months and an increase in rainfall
  • November – 94 mm: Highest month for rainfall in Menorca
  • December – 58 mm: Temperatures continue to fall, but luckily less rainfall in the month of December



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