Traveling to Santo Tomas

Traveling to Santo Tomas – Money Tips

So, you’re traveling to Santo Tomas? Well, if you’re going on holiday anywhere in Spain this post could be helpful for you.

How much cash should I bring?

This is entirely up to you, but it would be sensible to bring all the cash you need for your stay, whether that’s a weekend, seven days or a fortnight. We would recommend around £500 for a week, which equates to around €700. But as you can imagine this is dependent on how much you can afford to take, what you want to do during your stay, if you’ve come all-inclusive, self-catering etc.

If you do take all your money in cash, make sure to keep it safe! Try keeping a small amount of your money dotted around, e.g. the majority in a safety deposit, but keep some in your shoe or something – in case something bad happens!

Can I use credit/debit cards?

Most places will accept credit and debit cards, but if the situation worsens some restaurants, bars etc may impose bans and prefer payments in cash, so if you can keep a bit of cash on your wherever you go I’d advise you to.

We recommend either using a Caxton Card or applying for the bank account Metro Bank. Now a Caxton Card, if set up in the UK means free cash withdrawals and no bank fees abroad (amazing), however it does cost if you were to use it in the country of registration, so e.g. set up the card with a UK address etc. then it would cost to use in the UK – so we advise to simply use abroad. Metro Bank is slightly better in this sense, mainly because it doesn’t cost to use in your home country (only available in the UK anyway), and you can use it for free around Europe – very handy.

Additionally, if you have a Santander account, you’re entitled to free withdrawals in Spain. Bonus.

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM?

Of course. This is subject to fees from your bank, unless you have one of the above cards we’ve recommended. Additionally, we strongly advise you never to withdraw cash from a Credit Card, in the UK or abroad, you’ll be smacked with heavier fees – stick to purchases via a card machine for this.

Prepaid cards?

Prepaid cards depend, so check with whoever you’re getting it from. Typically they charge a small fee for withdrawing money from the card, which does add up. Sometimes they don’t charge if you withdraw a large enough amount in one go when abroad e.g. €400. So do double check with the provider for this. There are plenty on the market so do some research.

(Feel free to check out the general exchange rate at Santo Tomas Exchange Rate Tips Here)

So the main tip would be keep some cash on you at all times. If you can, have at least 3-4 days worth.

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