Santo Tomas Travel Insurance

Santo Tomas Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a necessary. Given the amount of injuries there are on holiday, whether it’s minor or major they are unfortunately a part of foreign travel and are part of our foreign travel advice.

With this in mind, we highly recommend taking out an insurance policy wherever you go on holiday.

Our Santo Tomas travel insurance tip is the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) card – entitling you to free or reduced cost of emergency treatment at government hospitals within the EU. This only covers you for medical emergencies and would not cover any sort of repatriation back home or associated costs.

Getting good quality travel insurance is a must. So below we’ve got some that come with our stamp of approval, and places where you can search for travel insurance.

The AA Travel Insurance

Go Travel Insurance

Holiday Extras

For a week long holiday to Santo Tomas for example, we wouldn’t expect you to pay anything more than £15. So Santo Tomas travel insurance isn’t even that much, a small price to pay for your health and safety abroad.

However if you’ve not even started searching prices, hotels, accommodation and more, feel free to get started below on our powerful search engine;