Santo Tomas Transport

Santo Tomas Transport

Thankfully Menorca isn’t the largest island and is in fact the smallest of the Balearic Islands, which are made up of Ibiza, Majorca (Mallorca) and Menorca (Minorca). So getting around the island is easier than most places, however don’t expect the local Santo Tomas transport to be as good as that in England, for instance.

Santo Tomas Transport

Rental Cars

Your best option is renting a car, especially when coming to the local Santo Tomas transport. However this can be relatively expensive in the summer months and they can actually ‘sell out’ so if you definitely want to get a car and know the dates your staying, you may want to book in advance. Our top tip, would be to rent the car for 75-80% of your stay, especially if you’ve already booked your transfers to and from the airport. E.g. 2 days of your holiday are travel days, so you wouldn’t make full use of the car on these 2 days, Santo Tomas also has a rental car office so you can pick up and drop it off here.


The other option is relying on the local public Santo Tomas transport, but as mentioned previously the bus services aren’t that great. Especially in the smaller resorts such as Santo Tomas. It’s worth mentioning however, they’re buses as we’re used to, they’re coaches, with air conditioning, the fee is generally around €1 and be warned, they don’t often carry change, so have some with you just in case!

You can find the bus time table below: (Side Note: On the links, Santo Tomas is actually ‘Cala Tomás’

May – October

1st June – 21st June & 14th – 30th September

22nd June – 13th September


There are a limited amount of Taxis on the island and then can be relatively expensive, but travelling shorter distances they are fairly well priced. The numbers below are for radio taxis that will be in the area, for Santo Tomas, use the Mahon/Alayor/Mercadal/San Lluis/Es Migjorn number:

  • Ciutadella – 971 482222
  • Ferrerias – 971 373484
  • Mahon, Alayor, Mercadal, San Lluis, Es Migjorn – 971 367111

If you’ve been tempted to explore Menorca, feel free to begin your search below;