Santo Tomas FAQs

Santo Tomas FAQs

There are always questions, whether you think they’re important or not. They could always use answering.Most of the time people are all thinking the same thing, just don’t want to ask. This is why we’ve got answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Santo Tomas FAQs

Where is Santo Tomas?

Santo Tomas is located on the island of Menorca. Found in the Mediterranean Sea.

What currency do they use in Santo Tomas Menorca?

The Euro €.

What’s the time difference?

1 hour ahead of the UK.

Where can I find the best last minute deals to Santo Tomas?

Take a look on our Santo Tomas Holidays page.

How do I get in contact with

Take a look at our Santo Tomas contact page.

How hot does it get in the Summer at Santo Tomas?

July/August – 28+°C. But we have a dedicated Menorca weather page for further help.

How long is the flight to Menorca from the UK?

Around 2 and a half hours. Take a look at our Flights to Menorca page & our Menorca Airport page.

What are the restaurants in Santo Tomas?

Take a look at our dedicated Santo Tomas restaurants page.

What’s the best accommodation in Santo Tomas?

There are various on offer. Santo Tomas Hotels & Santo Tomas Apartments.

Is there any nightlife on the island of Menorca?

Although Santo Tomas is relatively quiet. Take a look at our Menorca nightlife page.

Do you have any other websites I can have a look at?

We do have a sister site – that you can take a look at if you like, it’s aimed at the 18-30’s market for the party resort of Laganas on the island of Zakynthos.