Menorca Beaches

Menorca Beaches

We want you to have a fantastic time on the island of Menorca, not just in Santo Tomas. So we’ve brought you some of our favourite Menorca beaches, go and explore, see the views and feel the golden sand between your toes.

Menorca Beaches

Pregonda Beach (Near Es Mercadal)pregonda beach

Pregonda beach near Es Mercadal is as picturesque as it gets. Golden sand, pinkish rocks and gentle waves fill the air with sea salt and smells that fill the nostrils. Surrounded by trees, grasslands and sand dunes, this hidden escape on the quieter northern coast of Menorca.

It may take a little gentle walk, well a small hike to find this beach but it’ll be worth it when you get there. Enjoy the hot sand, the calm sea or even throw on a snorkel and dive around the coast line to spot tiny fish dancing in between the rocks and seaweed.

The lack of facilities at the beach tell you it’s not for the humble tourist. Just a simple beach snack bar for those who have forgotten to bring anything. So remember to make your own pack lunch, bring some drinks and remember to take your rubbish with you. Menorca is a well protected island and the government want to keep it’s natural beauty.

As we mention it might require a slight walk to get there so:

Pregonda is 6 miles from the town of Es Mercadal, follow the signs north towards Cavalleria, turn off west towards to Binimel-la beach and as mentioned, you’ll have to do the remainder by foot. Enjoy.

Son Bou Beach – San Jaime Beach

son bou menorca

Son Bou beach, found at the town of Son Bou is the longest beach on the island of Menorca. It’s also found next to Santo Tomas. A board walk and path links the two beaches (at times you may have to go slightly off the beaten track, but follow the coastline in one form or another and you’ll find your way).

Golden sand stretching for kilometers, sand dunes, grasslands running adjacent to the sea and at the near end of the beach, you can find the lively (a lively resort for the island of Menorca) resort of Son Bou.

Completely different to Pregonda beach, Son Bou is far more exposed to nature and winds. So take care and watch the flag system – Yellow and Red flags. A far more popular beach due to the resort. You can expect to find a few more beach bars dotted along the beach, in addition to this you’ll be able to find a small hut on the beach provided water sports (Banana boats and the like). Snorkeling is also great here around the rocks towards the start of the resort, but again be careful of the current and waves.

Cala Macarella Beach (Near AlaiorCala Macarella

Cala Macarella beach is an idyllic, stereotypical golden sandy beach with crystal clear, calm waters. Surrounded by holm oak trees and palm trees and less windy than Son Bou beach. Pack your towel and bask in the rays of the Mediterranean sun.

Again, quite similar to Son Bou with regards to tourism, a busier beach, but again beautiful. The best time to visit is the beginning of the season and the end of the summer season. April/May and June to some extent, as well as September and October.

On the beach again, if you’re to take a packed lunch please do dispose of your rubbish. Alternatively you can find a lovely Sushi restaurant that’s slightly different to your typical Spanish cuisine.

Found on the southwest coast.  Near Cuitadella, take the road to Sant Joan de Missa but then follow the signs to Macarella (about 20 minutes by car). There are a few different options to park, closer to the beach will be busier and the potential of having to pay. Further away it’ll be free but you will have to walk slightly further.

Es Grau Beaches grau menorca

Es Grau beach is protected by a natural inlet and cove, so don’t expect huge waves. This family friendly beach remains shallow for quite some distance so great for families. But, you can partake in various other activities if you fancied something more energetic, such as, Kayaking, Snorkeling or even Paddle boarding.

With no facilities provided at Es Grau beach, you can be assured it doesn’t get that busy during high season (in comparison with many other beaches). However, expect locals from the nearby capital city of Mahon to flock here at weekends, and bank holidays. Just be sure to take a packed lunch, and water, just in case.

The beach is part of the protected and nature reserve, S’Albufera des Grau. With marked trails nearby, you can if you wish, walk in and around the nature reserve where you may stumble across a large lake of shallow water where you can refresh yourself.

Easy to find, and located near Mahon, so easily accessible to spend the day exploring.

If some of the best Menorca beaches has got you excited start your search easily below;