Flights to Menorca

Flights to Menorca

Looking are finding flights to Menorca? Well we understand that holidays abroad have become almost ingrained in our culture, the availability of flights has skyrocketing and the prices plummeted, with return flights in peak Summer months to be had for under £350 return.

Flights to Menorca are available from these airports:

  • London Gatwick (over 2 hours flight)
  • London Heathrow (over 2 hours flight)
  • London Stansted (over 2 hours flight)
  • Manchester (2 and a half hours flight)
  • Cardiff (2 and a half hours flight)
  • Birmingham (2 and a half hours flight)
  • East Midlands (2 and a half hours flight)
  • Newcastle (3 hours flight)
  • Edinburgh (3 hours flight)
  • Bristol (2 and a half hours flight)
  • London Luton (over 2 hours flight)
  • Leeds (3 hours flight)
  • Belfast (3 and a half hours flight)
  • Glasgow (over 3 hours flight)

Flights directly to Menorca are through these companies:

Easyjet, Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomson Airways, Monarch, Iberia, British Airways, Etihad and more

And find the best deals at comparison sites such as:

Skyscanner and Kayak

Luckily the island of Menorca is quite small so the transfer time for Mahon airport to the resort of Santo Tomas is short, 30 minutes short.

Transfer to Santo Tomas –  30mins Approx and roughly £30 for 4 people

As you’d expect, flight prices slowly rise the closer you get to July & August, then begin to drop off as you pass the peak Summer period.

To get the cheapest flights to Menorca possible, look for flights times in the early hours of the morning and late at night. The day you travel can have significant impacts on prices, try and fly midweek if possible as prices are considerably cheaper than weekends.

Cheapest flights to Menorca and cheapest flights to Santo Tomas below;

Top Tips for Flights to Menorca

  • Use SkyScanner. The best places to search for flights, they’ll scour the internet to find the best deals, they search smaller companies such as Jet2, to large companies such British Airways, Ryanair and EasyJet.
  • Last Minute. Research suggests the best time to book is 7 weeks before departure date.
  • Flexibility. If you can book anytime you’ll have more chance of finding cheaper flights than if you were limited your holiday to only a 10 day period in July. NB – if you can avoid school holidays you’re more likely to find cheaper flights, Santo Tomas is popular amongst families
  • Check how you pay. Some companies will charge extra for using a credit card than a debit card. So if you can try paying using a debit card!
  • Clear your cookies/try incognito mode. Your internet browsing history can impact upon prices and if you’ve been looking everyday for flights, prices can rise. So quickly do the same search in incognito mode or clear your cookies to see if you’re really getting the best deal.

We definitely have some of our best places to scouring the internet for the best deals on flights, accommodation and I guess, the whole package – be sure to check out our recommendations here.

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Flights to Menorca are extremely frequent in the Summer months, flights from TUI, Thomas Cook, EasyJet and more, so you won’t be stuck for choice that’s for sure!

Begin your search below!