Exchange Rates

We all know exchange rates can be a bit of a nightmare. Finding the best rate, making sure you get the correct currency, getting the most for your money, paying transaction fees, the list could go on!

But, we’ve listed the best places for you to get your money from, these travel agencies and companies offer the best exchange rates and are the most competitive when it comes to matching other high street stores and online stores!

Exchange Rates Santo Tomas – Best companies

The Post Office
Thomas Cook
First Choice
Marks and Spencers

Exchange Rates Santo Tomas – Top Tips for taking money abroad

  • Firstly, make sure you buy the correct currency…it’s Euros €. For those who are unsure
  • Changing up more money generally means you can get a better rate (especially on the high street). So if you’re going as a big group, pool your money together and change it together
  • Haggle, if you know a Travel Exchange company is offering one rate, see if they’ll beat is somewhere else. Simple.
  • If you get a cash card, like Travelex it may work out at a better rate. Also it can be safer (less cash to carry) and avoid paying fees if you were to use your debit/credit card.
  • Tell your bank you’re going away, some take extra caution and if they see you using your debit/credit card abroad they may temporarily block it (they will typically just give you a call to confirm if it’s you using the card)
  • Take a mixture of cash and cash on a prepaid card or your debit/credit card if you can! Simply incase you lose your cash or it gets stolen.
  • Double count your money to make sure they give you the correct amount. Once I was given an extra €100…I have to admit, I didn’t own up, I just kept the extra money. But you don’t want to be given less now do you?

We’ll constantly be checking up here with top tips for taking money abroad so be on the lookout!