Santo Tomas Tips

So, below we’ve included a few Santo Tomas tips to help make your stay the most comfortable as possible. We all know holidays can have their hiccups, dodgy drinking water, overpriced taxis and more!

Santo Tomas Tips List
Santo Tomas Tips


  • The tap water can result in a bad stomach, as the different level of acidity and PH, so please stick to bottled water.


  • Everyone’s here to have a good time, just be warned of the cheap alcohol available and what drinking too much too quickly can do, especially the Xoriguer Gin, as it’s delicious with lemonade.
  • In the morning remember to drink plenty of water. Combine dehydration with the hot weather that is to be expected, lack of water could seriously damage your health.
  • Always drink in moderation, but a good way to save on the drinks out is to have a few a drinks before hand in your rooms.

The Weather

  • This may seem like an obvious point to make, but the sun and heat can seriously impact upon your health. So make sure to drink plenty of water, even more so if you’re feeling slightly worse for wear and be sure to put on plenty of sunscreen and reapply according to the directions on the bottle (every hour should do the trick) .

Cigarettes/Tobacco/Alcohol Allowance

  • Beer – 110 Litres.
  • Wine (not sparkling) – 90 Litres.
  • Spirits and other liqueurs over 22% – 10 Litre.
  • Fortified wine (e.g. Port), sparkling wine and alcoholic drinks up to 22% – 20 Litres.
  • 800 Cigarettes.
  • 400 Cigarillos.
  • 200 Cigars.
  • 1KG Tobacco.

Now you know how much duty free you can bring back from Menorca, find out how much you’ll need to get to the beautiful island below;