Things to do in Santo Tomas

Things to do in Santo Tomas

When you’re away on holiday I’m sure you’ll want to get up to things. Not everyday as it is a holiday after all, but maybe one, two or three days. So we’ve put together just a little list of things to do in Santo Tomas, to keep yourselves busy, or the kids.

The list includes things that make cost a bit of money, but not too expensive which is nice. Especially to keep the overall budget of your holiday down.

Santo Tomas Beach

  • The first is nice a free. The Santo Tomas beach is a gorgeous golden sandy beach, gentle waves and protected by rocks at either end. Towards the entrance of the Santo Tomas resort there’s another segment of beach – this provides a pleasant alternative. However, stretching along the whole of the resort there are plenty of spaces to lay down the towel, pitch up an parasol and bask in the sunshine. Take a bucket and space, for the kids, maybe a net to try to catch some fish (Always remember to set the fish free after).

Go for a few late drinks

  • Dotted along the promenade that stretches the length of the resort (this is a very nice walk later in the evening as the sun’s setting), there are various bars and restaurants, from Es Pins, located at the far end, past Malibu towards the center and even Es Bruc at the resort entrance, there are plenty of places to sit down, relax and take in a few cocktails and maybe some live entertainment.

Enjoy the free entertainment

  • Along the resort of Santo Tomas there are plenty of Apartments and Hotels to stay in. But, the hotels – such as the Mestral & Llebeig apartments (entertainment located at Las Dunas opposite) and the Victoria Playa have evening entertainment that you can go along to. Do buy a drink or have a few snacks – something which is polite to do. If you’re going to enjoy the free entertainment, at least purchase something within the establishment.

Go for a walk

  • Santo Tomas is a great place to have a stroll and forget about any worries. As well as taking in spectacular views. For one Santo Tomas walk – face the sea and turn left, you’ll eventually come across a rocky formation that will lead you towards the next resort of Son Bou. A nice coastal walk which leads to the lengthy promenade of Son Bou beach. Another walk, is simply up the hill –  Behind the Mestral complex of Mestral & Llebeig there are a few roads winding up, take these and you’ll be hiking up the roads and end up a few hundred metres up offering some great views of the resort and also the sea. Our final walk – comprises of a long walk to the inland town of Cala Galdana. A much larger resort than that of Santo Tomas with more bars, cafes and restaurants. A good 2 hour walk, you’ll pass some relatively popular spots – including an old mine and a small beach with many locals cliff diving. Well covered by grass and trees you’ll be well protected by the sun. Unlike the walk to Son Bou.

We’ve provided a few things to do in Santo Tomas. However we know you may want to go further a field. This is why we’ve put together another short blog post on Things to do in Menorca (the whole island), this includes visiting El Toro – the highest point on the island offering beautiful views.

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Santo Tomas

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