Santo Tomas top 5 tips

Santo Tomas top 5 tips

With any holiday it’s always those little bits that get you, the small items you forget, the items of clothing…and you only remember them, when you get to the airport or your destination!

At we know this is no different, because whether you’re going long haul, medium or short haul there’s always things to remember, especially if you have children running around going crazy. So below we’ve compiled our Santo Tomas top tips.

The 5 Top Tips

  • Suntan lotion

We wouldn’t wish sun burn or sun stroke on anybody, so remember this! Higher factors for your face and places that are susceptible to burning e.g. shoulders. We particularly recommend this for children, use high factors. Kids will be running around and forgetting to apply and reapply. Try a water proof sun cream if you can get your hands on one too.

  • Paracetamol

For those sore heads. We know you’re on holiday, so you may have a drink or too. If you happen to have a late night, then wake up to the children screaming, grab a paracetamol, grab a bottle of water and you’re ready for a new day (maybe after some breakfast too)

  • Water

Hydration is key in the hot temparture’s of Santo Tomas and considering temperatures are reaching around the mid to high 20ºC’s consistently in June, July and even worse in August (check our Santo Tomas weather here) you’ll be dehydrated quickly. That’s not to mention the any hangovers that I’m sure you’ll at least once, have which will bring further dehydration.

  • Adapters

When you need your straighteners,  your hair-dryer, to charge your phone or whatever other electrical appliance it may be…in Santo Tomas you’ll need your adapter. No doubt somebody will forget an adapter, so always take spares.

  • After sun

Well, I guess this is key if you don’t use enough of the suntan lotion, but hey. You can’t say we didn’t warn you. Lather up after a day in the sun, this will help prevent you from peeling…and damaging your skin. Hopefully you shouldn’t need this on any children as they’ve been applying and reapplying sun cream.

Honorable mentions

  • Passport
  • Currency (the correct currency)

If you’re now getting in the mood for a holiday, check out on Santo Tomas Holidays page and have a peak at where you could stay.


Thank you,

Santo Tomas

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