El Toro

El Toro Menorca Mountain

The mountain El Toro Menorca (Monte Toro) is the highest hill on the island of Menorca, you could say a mountain I guess, standing at around 358 metres tall, or around 1,175 feet. Located in the municipality of Es Mercedal and reachable by foot and car it’s not a difficult trip for a day’s out.

Designated as a protected national area and offering panoramic views of the island, El Toro is the perfect photo opportunity for keen photographers or amateurs for that matter. With views Ciutadella, Maó, Fornells and other coastal resorts.

At the summit awaits a gift shop, restaurant and a statue of ‘Jesus of the Sacred Heart’ with his arms wide open, thought to bless the Menorcans who died in the early 20th century Spanish Moroccan wars.

El Toro Menorca’s name is derived from evolution. Thanks to the many different cultures and languages that have passed through the island. The name could’ve come from Catalan word of Turó, meaning hill. But also from the Arabic word of tor or al-tor, meaning height.