Es Bruc

Es Bruc Santo Tomas

Es Bruc is located immediately at the entrance of Santo Tomas on the roundabout, offering es brucsome of the best views of the horizon and on a good evening you can even see Majorca. Alongside Es Bruc is a child friendly play area, perfect to let the children run free while you enjoy soaking up the brustling atmosphere and gorgeous views.

Very popular with Menorcan locals, due to it’s location, but more importantly due to the spectacular fish dishes they have on offer. From shining stars such as fresh Lobster to the catch of the day and the other ever present delicious dishes of squid, sardines and the like. Sitting alongside the beach, as you can imagine they offer a delicious range of salads, snacks and sandwiches to cater for lunchtime.

Starters consist of your typical Menorcan selection of salads, garlic bread and more. Ranging from €3.90 to €7.

Es Bruc’s main meals range around the selection of fish they have on offer including the catch of the day, they also offer standard other dishes such as skewered kebabs, chicken, lamb, pork and pork dishes, oh and burgers. But we’d recommend going for a fish dish. The prices are in and around the €12 – €18 mark, expect to pay more for dishes such as Lobster, understandably.

Desserts are similar to that of Es Pins and Bar Malibu offering your typical desserts, such as Tiramisu as well as ice creams, hovering around the €5 spot.