C’an Berto

C’an Berto Santo Tomas

Another nice restaurant in the resort of Santo Tomas. Located in the first set of shops next to the Hotel Santo Tomas, just tucked around the corner behind the souvenir shop.Santo Tomas Restaurants

C’an Berto serve some lovely dishes including steak on a sizzling stone, various pasta and fish dishes to suite many tastes and preferences.

Some of the food can be slightly more expensive, but expect that when you’re paying for high priced fishes and steak dishes.

Starters vary but are consistent with other restaurants within Santo Tomas, such as Don Tomas and Es Bruc, with offerings such as garlic bread with tomato and avocado dishes to mussels and garlic prawns there’s something for everyone. Prices vary from between €5 to around €10 depending on what you go for.

The Main meals of C’an Berto can bring some nice flavours and tastes. Do expect to pay slightly more for the steak dishes however. C’an Berto offer various dishes other than steak and have many fish dishes, lamb, paella and more. With a choice of fresh vegetables, potatoes, chips and/or salad etc. As you can imagine dishes can vary in price, so expect to pay anywhere from €12 to €16

The deserts of C’an Berto are similar to most restaurants. From your standard Walls ice creams and general ice cream, to cake-style desserts and more. All come in around €5, with the flambe dishes slightly more.