Bar Halley

Bar Hally Santo Tomas

Bar Halley is a Brit-style cafe located at the shops towards the far end of the resort, opposite the Lord Nelson Apartments, and over-looked by the Victoria Playa halley

Definitely the best place to watch sport during the summer months, showing various English Premier League games throughout August and September as well as the Spanish football games. With various screens on offer including a large indoor screen and a large outdoor screen Bar Halley fills up quickly during the big matches, a great place to watch the national teams play sport, English games included.

Bar Halley is everything you’d expect from a Brit-style cafe/bar, offering all day breakfasts and other British favourites such as Roast Dinners and Curry’s, also offering various drinks that some other restaurants don’t stock, such as WKD’s and Guinness it’s a great spot to meet other holidaymakers and share a drink or two together.

Prices vary, but accustomed with the local supermarkets the prices can be slightly expensive compared to Es Migjorn Gran, but it is a resort after all and you’re paying for convenience too. But expect drinks to vary between €2 and €5 for imports, such as Magners and food also varies in price from €5 to €10 depending on what you order, Pizzas, Salads, Baguettes and more, definitely a place where you get great value for money,