Santo Tomas Restaurants

There are various Santo Tomas restaurants on offer throughout the small resort, some moresanto tomas restaurants child friendly than others. The selection of Santo Tomas restaurants stretch along the promenade that runs adjacent to the Santo Tomas beach with some restaurants dotted around the local shops, additionally you can visit the various hotels buffets, such as Lord Nelson Hotel, Victoria Playa to indulge in the varied cuisine.

The Santo Tomas restaurants offer great variety, from Spanish specialities such as Paella to English favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognese.  As well as great selections of freshly caught fish, delicious meat dishes, colourful vegetarian offerings and various others.

Don’t forget the drinks on offer. Most of the Santo Tomas restaurants have a great selection of wines; Red, White and Rose in addition to Spanish speciality of Sangria. Also, if you aren’t aware, don’t forget to try a Menorcan speciality called a ‘Pomada‘, locally made Menorcan Gin (Gin Xoriguer) mixed with Lemon Fanta.

Prices in the Santo Tomas restaurants vary, as you can expect. Buffets and Hotel restaurants offer all you can eat and drink for around €15 per Adult and €10 per Child. Restaurants are more expensive, but the experience is better and quality of food is better, so for a family of 4 you should be looking to pay around €70-120 for the meal, drinks included. This is subjective however and all depends if you drink alcohol, enjoy having a starter, main course and dessert, or just a main course. What type of food you enjoy, e.g. meats, paellas and fish dishes are more expensive than pizzas. If you have children who enjoy moving away from the standard children’s menu and various other factors.

Santo Tomas Restaurants

  • Es Pins – Excellent variety of food on offer.
  • Bar Malibu – Good selection with just as good views.
  • Las Dunas – Buffet and perfect for families with children.
  • Bar Halley – Brit style pub, ideal for having food and watching football.
  • Don Tomas – Another lovely restaurant in Santo Tomas, with great views.
  • Es Bruc – Famous for their fresh fish and gorgeous views.
  • C’an Berto – A newer restaurant, but serving great quality food and drink.

Santo Tomas Hotel Restaurants