Santo Tomas Nightlife

The Santo Tomas nightlife is unfortunately not as widespread as you may have hoped, the fact that the resort is extremely child friendly should give the indication of the time the resort shuts down for the evening.

Menorca itself does have a nightlife worth mentioning however, please find more information below with links.

Santo Tomas Nightlife

There aren’t a huge range of bars to have a late tipple at, with most locals opting to stay late at the various restaurants, with them closing up around 11/12am depending on when the last guests leave.

As for bars, Bar Halley stays open until around 12/1am depending on the day. However Bar Halley does close early if the Menorcan Fiesta’s are on (more specifically the Ferreries Fiesta). The other bar worth mentioning is The Las Dunas bar, generally closing around 12am, occasionally staying open later depending on the barman. Other than Bar Hally and The Las Dunas bar, there is a local Café among the parade of shops situated next door to the Santo Tomas Hotel that stays open relatively late (around 12am), that will serve coffee, tea, beer etc.

The majority of entertainment will happen in and around the hotel bars, such as the previously mentioned, such as the evening entertainment at the Victoria Playa Hotel that includes a children’s disco for the little ones too.

Finally, next to The Lord Nelson Hotel (within the car park) you’ll find a nautical themed bar/club called The Victory. Here you’ll be able to get a drink until around 1/2 am. The Victory is open sporadically, but expect it to be open Thursday – Saturday night and you may well bump into some of the bar men and women after their shifts have finished, or even some of the local holidays reps working for the likes of Thomson!

Menorcan Nightlife