Must see beaches in Menorca

Must see beaches in Menorca

The island of Menorca is spectacular. Thanks to it’s natural beauty, quaint villages inland, beautiful coastline, 360° views from El Toro, coastal walks and friendly locals.

With the Menorcan weather hitting over 30°c in the summer months and August I’m sure you’ll be wanting to visit some for the best sunbathing spots during this period, not to mention visit some of the most gorgeous, quiet and idyllic beaches the island has to offer. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the must see beaches in Menorca below;

Must see beaches in Menorca list

Es Grau Beach

es grau menorca
Es Grau Beach

We’ll start towards the East of Menorca and to the North of the capital, Mahon. Es Grau is a small fishing village and one of the most untouched and natural locations on the island.

Es Grau beach is protected by a natural inlet and cove, so don’t expect huge waves. This family friendly beach remains shallow for quite some distance so great for families. But, you can partake in various other activities if you fancied something more energetic, such as, Kayaking, Snorkeling or even Paddle boarding.

Binidali Beach

binidali Menorca
Binidali Beach

A very small beach as you can see from the accompanying photo. However, as you can expect very small waves and easy to keep an eye on family members if you’re exploring with young children.

Further afield and a short swim out to see and around the cliffs and rocks you can have an enjoyable time snorkeling.

Don’t expect a built up beach or a huge amount of amenities. This beach is for those looking to escape and enjoy a more traditional coastal town. But be sure to visit the Binidali Beach Bar if you did head that way.

Son Bou Beach

son bou menorca
Son Bou Menorca

One of the largest stretches of beach located on the South of the island. A large open expanse of rolling waves and sun kissed sand, with a lovely wooden walkway set back to make life easier for navigating.

The waves here can get larger than the above beaches, due to it’s lack of protection. But, with such a large space you can find lovely quiet spots among the tourists (it can get busy during peak periods). Be sure to keep an eye on any children due to the beaches coverage, and sudden drops of height when in the sea.

For those looking to be entertained and thrilled, head towards the main town and here you can find various water sports to get the blood pumping, Pedalos, Banana Boats and more.

Pregonda Beach

pregonda beach
Pregonda beach

Another golden sandy beach that invites you to lounge in the sun and enjoy the heat. Curved by the natural bay with a small island opposite, which you can swim out to. Rocky beds, fantastic for snorkeling around and all easily visible for those with young children.

Don’t expect any water sports here, but what you can enjoy is the natural feel, beautiful scenery and opportunities to explore in the waters around the opposing island.

To the North of the island and accessible via gentle walk of around 20-25 minutes from the next beach Binime·la.

Now are you excited to be relaxing on the beaches of Menorca? Because I sure am. Check out how much you could get out there for below;

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