Mahon Menorca

Located on the far east of the island of Menorca, Mahon is the capital city. Ideal for families due to it’s safe pedestrian, shopping areas and many bars and restaurants on offer. For couples and younger adults there’s more of a nightlife on offer, in addition to the market shopping and boutique shops.

Mahon can also be spelt as Mao and Maó.

Mahon Overview

Firstly, Mahon offers something different

mahon harbour
Mahon Harbour

to that of the holiday and beach resorts that are found on Menorca. The city centre has a calming but warming atmosphere. As you wind through the maze of narrow streets you’ll notice the attractive architecture, in between the various boutique shops, hand craft stores, shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. Many of these cafes, bars and restaurants can be found along the 6km long harbour.

The Mahon tourist office can found found in the main square of Mahon (Maó), Plaça Explanda de Maó. Offering advice, information and help.

Further information here for the weather in Mahon.

Mahon Market

Another reason to visit Mahon is the outdoor market. Taking place on Tuesday and Saturday, 09:00 – 14:00. All year round  you can find the Mahon market on the main square Placa Esplanada, with plenty on sale such as clothes, jewellry, linen and cloths, souvenirs, footwear and more.

Mahon Fiesta

First of all the festival is held annually on the 7-8th of September. Fiesta of Mare de Deu de Gracia in Mao.

‘Fiestas’ or Festivals are a large part of Spanish culture, as well as Menorcan culture. An amazing festival with over 100 primed and prepared horses and riders parade through the old city streets of Ciutadella.

A huge part of the festival is when the horses parade and performe cargols. When riders circle specific points and the jaleos. Jaleos are when horses rear up on their back legs, Jaleo – young brave men, vying for good luck attempt to touch the horses hearts as they rear up.

A traditional drink accompanies these Menorca fiesta, Pomada. Pomada’s are the local Menorcan Gin mixed with bitter lemonade, usually Fanta Lemon.

Be careful, small children can become scared by the large crowds, rearing horses and electricity in the air. The streets are packed and much busier than usual, therefore can be overwhelming to younger people. Everyone however, is in a great mood and hoping to have a good time.

Mahon Nightlife

Mahon, similarly to Ciutadella has more cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants than the other resorts on the island. There is something for all different tastes, types and interests. Find the majority of Mahon clubs at the harbour opposite the ferry terminal.

Something slightly different is the Mahon Casino. Located at the Club Maritimo. Open every day and into the early hours, you’ll find the full range of gaming tables, such as roulette, to slot machines. As well as food and drink available and a roof top terrace overlooking the city and harbour.

Mahon Menorca Hotels & Apartments

Mahon has a variety of accommodation, for private villas look on Airbnb and Homeaway.

Alternatively to private accommodation, Mahon has hotels catering for a wide range of holiday maker. All which can be found at On The Beach. Or feel free to search below: