Ciutadella Menorca

Located on the west coast of Menorca and the old capital city of Menorca. Ciutadella is perfect for families to visit thanks to the safe pedestrian shopping areas, the plentiful shops and markets to stroll around and the beautiful restaurants along the port. In addition to this Ciutadella can be ideal for couples and those looking for a later night, thanks to the 23-24th June Fiesta of Sant Joan taking place in the city. Furthermore, the street side bars, cafes and clubs you can find towards the center of the city at the harbour.

Ciutadella Menorca Overview

Firstly, Ciutadella is a beautiful large town, but completely different to the coastal towns and holiday resorts. Great for clothes and shopping with plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes on offer.

ciutadella town hall
Ciutadella Town Hall – ‘Ajuntament de Ciutadella’

The Ciutadella harbour is one of the main attractions of the city. You can find the harbour of Ciutadella below the fortified walls of the old city and this is where you will find the majority of bars that offer a slightly livelier evening. You can walk along the harbour right to the sea, taking in the smells of the restaurants and luxury boats and yachts.

There are still many memories of the old historical Ciutadella. Most noticeably the defense walls, located above the habour under Placa des Born. The name Ciutadella is even derived from ‘Citadel’, meaning a fortified city.

The square of Placa des Born holds Ajuntament de Ciutadella, the Ciutadella Town Hall. Which is truly staggering. Dominating the Ciutadella harbour. Formally a royal palace the square is surrounding with elegant and classy building built by the wealthy landowners.

Tourist Office is located by the town hall. Providing information, help and advice on Ciutadella.

Further information here for the weather in Ciutadella.

Ciutdella Menorca Market

Another reason to visit Ciutdealla is the the market of Ciutadelal. Containing around 30-40 stalls. Offering good value leather products, shoes, summer clothes, your typical tea towels and standard towels, Jewellery and more.

Ciutadella market times – Fridays and Saturdays 09:00 – 14:00 in Ciutadella’s main square (Placa des Born)

In the peak summer season, June to September there is a nightly market that sell handcrafts, jewellry and other products. Found along the steps to the old port. Timings: 22:00-24:00.

Ciutadella Sant Joan Festival

First of all the festival is held annually on the 23-24th June.

‘Fiestas’ or Festivals are a large part of Spanish culture, as well as Menorcan culture. An amazing festival with over 100 primed and prepared horses and riders parade through the old city streets of Ciutadella.

A huge part of the festival is when the horses parade and performe cargols. When riders circle specific points and the jaleos. Jaleos are when horses rear up on their back legs, Jaleo – young brave men, vying for good luck attempt to touch the horses hearts as they rear up.

A traditional drink accompanies these Menorca fiesta, Pomada. Pomada’s are the local Menorcan Gin mixed with bitter lemonade, usually Fanta Lemon.

Be careful, small children can become scared by the large crowds, rearing horses and electricity in the air. The streets are packed and much busier than usual, therefore can be overwhelming to younger people. Everyone however, is in a great mood and hoping to have a good time.

Ciutadella Menorca Nightlife

As mentioned, Ciutadella has a range of bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants to satisfy everyone’s requirements, tastes and budgets. The larger clubs and bards are located on the harbour’s edge. Such as Jazzbah Ciutadella. Finally, don’t go out too early. Mediterraneans often eat later than their UK counterparts. So relax, have dinner and head out a bit later than usual.

Airport Transfers to Ciutadella

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Ciutadella Menorca Hotels & Apartments

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