Cala’n Porter

Cala’n Porter Menorca

Located on the South East coast of the island of Menorca and approximately 20 minutes from Mahon airport, also spelt Cala en Porter. Great for families thanks to the gorgeous beaches yet close to Mahon, Es Castell and Alaior. Alternatively great for couples of groups with it’s variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and also the famous Menorcan cave club, as well as to the water sports in nearby S’Algar

Cala’n Porter Overview

cala en porter menorca
Cala en Porter Menorca

Sitting above the cliffs and overlooking the beautiful Cala en Porter’s bay you’ll be able to take some gorgeous photos here. The resort is very popular among various nationalities and not just British families, including French, Spanish and German families and young adults.

The various improvements over the years has increased Cala en Porters reputation and attracts a varied age of holidaymaker, from those looking to explore, to those looking for a relaxing beach holiday and those who like to mix it up and have a few late nights on their holiday.

Further information here for the weather in Cala en Porter.

Cala’n Porter Beach

Gentle slopes, golden sand, crystal clear and calm waters means the beach at Cala en Porter is great for families, but still large enough so you can enjoy your own space. Where you can pitch up your umbrella and towel, or rent one of the loungers and umbrellas from the beach stands.

Reachable via steps down on foot, or on car through the free car parking. You’ll find public toilets as well as lifeguards at the beach front, not to mention a few beach bars and beach side restaurants where you’ll be able to find a nice snack, just take a stroll along the promenade.

The steps down to the beach can take it’s toll, but you’ve been told in advance. So try to avoid those moaning about the steps when you’re there! But the beach and gorgeous views are worth the extra steps.

Shopping in Cala’n Porter

There are a variety of good sized supermarkets and stores in the centre of Cala en Porter that offer a good selection of products at reasonable prices, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, snacks, drinks, fresh bread, newspapers. Not to mention the various souvenir shops providing knick-knacks and beach and summer clothing.

For a much larger shopping, head to Mahon. But you can also find a few delicatessens at the nearby Sant Climent – butchers and bakery.

But for the smokers Cala en Porter does have a tobacconist, open during the main season, June to September

Cala en Porter’s Evening Market, where you can find a variety of hand crafted products, clothes and other garments, runs from mid June to mid September, Mondays and from around 19:00 to 23:00.

Cala’n Porter Fiesta

First of all the festival is held annually towards the end of September, usually the 3rd weekend.

‘Fiestas’ or Festivals are a large part of Spanish culture, as well as Menorcan culture. An amazing festival with over 100 primed and prepared horses and riders parade through the old city streets of Cala en Porter.

A huge part of the festival is when the horses parade and perform cargols. When riders circle specific points and the jaleos. Jaleos are when horses rear up on their back legs, Jaleo – young brave men, vying for good luck attempt to touch the horses hearts as they rear up.

A traditional drink accompanies these Menorca fiesta, Pomada. Pomada’s are the local Menorcan Gin mixed with bitter lemonade, usually Fanta Lemon.

Be careful, small children can become scared by the large crowds, rearing horses and electricity in the air. The streets are packed and much busier than usual, therefore can be overwhelming to younger people. Everyone however, is in a great mood and hoping to have a good time.

Cala en Porter Nightlife

The main attraction regarding nightlife is the Cova d’en Xoroi, or Cave Club. Read more about this spectacular club here.

In the town centre itself, Cala en Porter has a variety of bars that cater to young and old, as well as locals and non-locals. For instance Ayashe, but you can also watch the live acts at Sa Paisa, that are free to watch.

For a later night we recommend heading to the capital of Mahon, where you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants around the town and by the harbour.

Airport Transfers to Cala’n Porter Menorca

Menorca airport transfers

For discounted Cala’n Porter airport transfers head to Shuttle Menorca with this link here and you receive 10% off compared to booking directly.

Cala’n Porter Menorca Hotels & Apartments

There are plenty of Cala’n Porter accommodation to choose from. From private villas and apartments on Homeaway and Airbnb. To larger self catering apartments, all-inclusive hotels and half board and full board offerings which can all be found on On The Beach. Or feel free to search below: