Best things to do in Menorca

Best things to do in Menorca

There are plenty of things to do on the island of Menorca and a lot of things to do within the Menorca resort of Santo Tomas. Whether you’re partying at the Menorca Fiestas throughout summer, staying up late in the capital – Mao with a beer in hand, trying the fresh sea food on the plentiful beach restaurants and bars or just relaxing on one of the hundreds of Menorca beaches.

We’ve plucked out a few things that we think you’d love to do when visiting the island of Menorca and the resort of Santo Tomas, you call them the best things to do in Menorca, we’ve called them our Top 5 musts of Menorca.

Top 5 Musts of Menorca

Go up El Toro Mountain

  • El Toro is the highest point on the island of Menorca and thus offers the most breathtaking views of this tiny Mediterranean island. Only around 358 metres or 1,175 feet it’s not the tallest but a great point of interest, giving views of many Menorcan towns such as the capital, Maó and Fornells. Located in the Menorcan municipal of Es Mercedal, El Toro is central to the island. Awaiting at the time you will find a shop, restaurant and a statue of ‘Jesus of the Sacred Heart’.

Visit Ciutadella

  • Ciutadella in Menorca is the old capital and worth a visit on a day out. It’s the other main city, other than Maó and located at the opposite end of the island. Many civil and religious buildings were built in the Italian style during the 17th century. Ciutadella’s town hall is the former palace of the Arab governor which also later served as a royal palace under the Crown of Aragon and as a governor’s palace until the British moved the capital to the eastern town of Mahon in 1722. The Punti Nati Lighthouse is also located north of Ciutadella. A beautiful city with a magnificent harbour, with amazing fish restaurants dotted everywhere.ciutadella

Go snorkeling

  • Thanks to the warm waters of the Mediteranean and the relatively calm waters surround Menorca make this island fantastic for snokerling. If you have children, it’s also an inexpensive way to let their adventurous side out, give them a sense of freedom, witness new areas and fish. You can pick up goggle and snorkel set from the majority of gift shops for under €10.

Visit as many beaches as possible

  • Menorca is blessed with a gorgeous coastline. Made up of coves, caves, coastline, golden sandy beaches, walking paths and rock formations there’s plenty of offer. Exploring the hundreds of beaches on the island (Here are our favourites) will leave you with plenty of photos and memories.

Stay up late and stargaze

  • Thanks to Menorca’s location in the Mediterranean, the lack of industry on the island and lack of factories makes this island fantastic for staying up late, looking up and dreaming. Head to the coastline, look out to sea and on a clear day you’ll see the moon glistening down onto the sea and stars a plenty, not to mention the Milky Way and many constellations.

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