Other Santo Tomas Apartments

Other Santo Tomas Apartments

On the island of Menorca and more specifically within the resort of Santo Tomas there are apartment blocks which you can search among to find your perfect place, such as the Mestral & Llebeig Apartments.

However, we want to provide choice for your holiday. So we’ve recommended a few places below where you can find some other Santo Tomas apartments and places to stay.


  • Airbnb, if you haven’t heard of it by now is an innovative way to travel and experience a particular place. Instead of staying in a Santo Tomas apartment or hotel, you stay in somebody’s home. The concept is simple. You converse with the host via Airbnb, and the structure, in terms of pricing and dates make it simple and easy to use and work with.
  • The benefits of using Airbnb including staying in a unique home which could be hidden in the mountains, by the resort shops or even on the coastline. Furthermore, almost all of these places will come with cooking facilities, giving you the option to eat out or potentially eat on the balcony, with a beer in hand, enjoying the sunset.


  • HomeAway is very similar to Airbnb. Similar concept, similarly laid out, just you may be able to find different homes and villas to that of Airbnb. So it’s always worth checking both. Check out some of the properties here!
  • Again, similar benefits. Unique homes, houses and villas can be found in Santo Tomas and for great prices. Picture yourself on the beach front, BBQ sizzling away with a red wine in hand.


  • A fantastic place to search hundreds of holidays, villas, apartments and everything in between. You’ll be able to find your standard apartments here as well as some others, so it’s worth checking out.
  • The benefits here can include everything included, flights, transfers and also the villas & apartments, with Airbnb and HomeAway, only the accommodation is included, Hotelscombined takes out the potential fuss. So search here or use our tool below.

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