Santo Tomas Apartments

Given the small resort, there are many Santo Tomas Apartments to pick and chose from. Many come with great views and are very close to the beach.

Given the small nature of Santo Tomas, all of the Santo Tomas Apartments are well located and offer all you need for a week, two weeks, three weeks or however long the say may be.

As I’m sure you’d expect, all the Santo Tomas Apartments come with a balcony of some sort, whether this is on the ground floor and almost a garden or on the third floor. Santo Tomas apartmentsUnfortunately not every balcony will be overlooking a gorgeous sea view, but nevertheless, balconies offer the ability to sit outside, enjoy the sun and relax in the comfort of your own space.

During the summer months, predominantly July and August, prices do increase, but some great deals can be had during the so called ‘quieter’ months of May, June, September and October.

The resort almost empties during the quieter/winter months, so you generally can’t book around the times of November/December/January/February. This is the time when the apartments and hotels do general maintenance anyway.

There are plenty of apartments to choose from and we’ve summarised them all for you below, or you can go their dedicated sections by clicking on their titles:

Santo Tomas Apartments

Hamilton Court Apartments

Ideal for residents without kids, nice and relaxing apartments with everything you need and all that separates you from the beach is the Santo Tomas promenade.

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Mestral and Llebeig Apartments

Perfect for families, with a good variety of rooms on offer, a daily kids club, children’s splash pool and play areas.

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Vistamar Apartments

Similar to the Hamilton Court Apartments, the Vistamar apartments offer an affordable, comfortable and pleasant stay in Santo Tomas. Also, extremely close to the beach with one beach, less than a three minute walk away, the other, slightly longer at five minutes.

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Lord Nelson Apartments

A newly renovated block of apartments that are perfect for a relaxing stay. Slightly more expensive than the Vistamar and Hamilton Court apartments but worth the extra pound or two.

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Other Santo Tomas Apartments

On this page we discuss the various other options of staying on the island of Menorca and also staying within Santo Tomas, some extremely unique places to stay and explore can be found here.