5 reasons why you should visit Menorca this summer

5 reasons why you should visit Menorca this summer

Menorca is beautiful destination which ever time of the year you visit. Whether it’s the colder months that make the destination perfect for walking and hiking, to the summer months, when you have beautiful sunshine, golden beaches, gorgeous sunsets and great locals to converse with.

There are more than 5 reasons why you should visit Menorca this summer, however below we’ve got our top 5 reasons why you should visit Menorca this summer.

The Weather in Menorca

  • Sunny, hot, a light breeze and plenty of hours of sunlight. All of which make Menorca a great place to visit in the summer. Another reason, being that Menorca doesn’t get too hot, June and July have great weather in the mid to high 20’s, whilst in August expect daily temperatures of high 20’s to 30’s, which may be too hot for some, but perfect for others. Great beaches dotted all around the coastline, coastal resorts and various Menorca hotels as well as plenty Menorca villas to stay in, you’ll have a refreshing breeze that will cares you during the day and into the warm nights. If you want to read more, feel free to visit the Menorca Weather section.

Flight time from the UK to Menorca

  • Flights from the UK to Mahon, in Menorca are plentiful during the summer. With various tour operators, such as TUI, Thomas Cook and Jet2 flying there, let alone flight only companies such as EasyJet and Ryanair, you’re spoiled for choice and availability. With such competition, expect to find some great deals in June, July and September, but as you can imagine, during the school holidays in August prices to do increase somewhat. Best part of all, the flights only takes on average just over 2 hours. Our flights to Menorca page has everything to keep you covered.

Choice of Menorca Hotels and Menorca Villas

  • Being a protected island by the government, the coastal remains relatively unspoiled. But even so there are plenty of hotels and villas on the island of Menorca to choose from. Location is key, of course, but thanks to the growth of tourism on the island you can now chose from various of board, from self catering, bed & breakfast, half board, full board and all-inclusive. There truly is something for everyone, with tall, small, intimate, family focused, adults only, remote, in the main cities of Mahon and Ciutadella, whatever it may be, this quaint island has it. Our Menorca hotels and Menorca villas list will have everything you need.

Beaches on the island of Menorca

  • During the winter months, the Menorcan beaches can take a bit of a battering. But during the summer months, Menorca has some of the most beautiful, sun kissed, golden, sandy beaches to choose from, with the majority very much unspoiled and away from the preying eyes of tourists (except during August…). Hide away in the more secluded beaches such as Es Grau and Cala Pregonda, to larger beaches found in Son Bou and Cala Galdana. Our favourite Menorcan beaches post has more information.

Active sports to choose from on Menorca

  • Being such a small island you wouldn’t think there is much to do. But you’d be wrong. With walking routes dotted all around the island, inland and around the coast line, you can enjoy the views on foot. The Camí de Cavalls stretches around the whole island. If you want to save your soles, horseback offers a great alternative to explore the island with our four legged friends. By sea is another option, with Kayaking available in various areas, Es Grau, Cala Galdana and Fornells to name but a few. Biking is another options to explore the land and the Camí de Cavalls. Sailing and yachting is another option to explore the island by sea, with a couple of companies around offering this option in Mahon – Island Yachts BrokerNautic Fun. Scuba diving gives the chance to delve under the water and explore from a completely unusual angle, check out Son Bou Scuba.

There are plenty more than 5 reasons why you should visit Menorca this summer, the locals, the Menorcan festivals, the beautiful Menorcan gin, the Menorca water park the list goes on.

We hope you at least consider exploring the prices of your next stay in Menorca. Feel free to do so below on our powerful search engine;

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